Guidance for Author Users

    Guidance Notes which show some of the key functionality of author

    How To Use author - a simple, step-by-step guide to get you started using author.

    Navigating the Published System - understand the features and benefits of the electronic management system that author publishes for you.

    Key Elements of the User Interface - how to define and update your management system and process definitions.

    Roles and Responsibilities - how to maximise the benefits of the Role Register, RACI methodology and alternative views of a process.

    Using the Easy Menu to define a process.

    Showing Compliance - how to allocate Sections of Standards against relevant processes, tasks and documents.

    Adding Metrics to a Process - allocate costs, timings etc against individual tasks to measure process metrics.

    Customise the terminology - by creating your own "language" file.

    Customise your own Welcome page - design your own home page and set up links into specific parts of the on-line system.

    Create a dataset from Excel - use existing data to populate a dataset.

    Export/Import data from/to a dataset - manipulate data and move data from one dataset to another.

    More Detail: more detailed "HowTo" guidance on how to use some of the key features of author.