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Recent Changes

[author v10.1.08]

  1.  Some changes to the licensing module.


[author v10.0.39]

  1.  Bug fix: flowchart formatting problem in Chrome.

[author v10.0.13]

    1. Sidemenu / Reports / Standards: changed to an expand/collapse view.
    2. Published flowchart: text wrapping of the Task Description now enhanced.
    3. List Mgr / Copy: now retains the selected item reference so that it can be edited.
    4. Task Mgr / All Tasks tab: column widths now rationalised.
    5. Terminology: Print / "Compliance" replaced by "Standards" (see next...).
    6. Bug fix: Print / Compliance now shows documents.
    7. Bug fix: List Mgr / Filter / Delete now checks that a Group is empty before it can be deleted.

[author v10.0.10]

    1. Enhanced "Search" capability, and guidance, in the sidemenu of the published system.
    2. "Print flowchart" option for embedded output (if you use only selected elements of the published output).
    3. Check added to avoid simultaneous publishing of the same dataset by different users.

 [author v10.0.0]

    1. Rebranded as author.
    2. You can now allocate Categories at item level, as well as at Group level
    3. ... allocate Standard Sections at task level within a process, as well as to processes and documents
    4. ... customise your published (HTML) system even more
    5. ... view a process flowchart from Task Mgr as well as from Process Mgr.
    6. "Document Approver" field added.
    7. First use will open a Sample dataset rather than creating one for you in Easy menu.
    8. When you first publish, a default Welcome page will be created for you.