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Publish with AUTHOR

  • Publish your system electronically.
  • Hyperlink to documents from each task which refers to them.
  • View your own online ROLE INVOLVEMENT REPORT to see precisely which tasks you are involved in.

Print from AUTHOR

  • All details are held in a single file.  Simple to change a job title or file path once and apply the change immediately throughout the system.
  • Pagination is automatic, so PRINTING MULTI-PAGE FLOWCHARTS is easy.
  • Users can see & understand their role in the overall process.

Personalise AUTHOR

  • Create a STANDARDISED, CLEAR & CONCISE output in deployment flowchart format at the press of a button
  • CUSTOMISE THE TERMINOLOGY in all output (printed and electronic) - ideal for alternative language & industry specific applications
  • Design your own system structure and Welcome page to make it easy for staff to find just the information they need.

Consistency of presentation, ease of maintenance, the ability to analyse all processes in a range of reports - benefits any system manager has a right to expect.

Get started within minutes …achieve real results within hours!