Processes are a fact of business life, yet many people find great difficulty in recognising a process, let alone in defining one.

Based on 30+ years’ experience (most recently reflected in the CQI’s current proposals for a radical revision to the Fundamentals and Vocabulary of the ISO9000 family of standards, due in 2015), our pragmatic approach to managing business processes lies at the heart of our software design.

A major concern for directors is to ensure that key processes are documented clearly and that those who work with them understand their importance to collective success”.
[Computing Business magazine: Professor Jim Norton]
Business Processes are:
 - How an organisation achieves its objectives
 - How work gets done
 - How money is made – and lost
 - What people do.

But they are also:
 - Sometimes not obvious
 - Defined in confusing ways
 - At odds with departmental / functional structures.

If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing
(J Edwards Deming)
Author offers an ideal solution to help you understand the concepts and application of "the process approach" which is required by most international standards for management systems.