SQMC Quality Professional of the Year 2014

November 22, 2014 at 7:40 PM

Peter’s involvement in quality was incidental and evolved from his view of process management. He founded Mandos Software in 1999 to start producing business and quality mapping software, now called Author, that is semi graphical in nature to define how a business is set up and then how to fit the ISO standards into it.

“I am very flattered to have been considered for the ‘Quality Professional of the Year’ award and thank Karen and everyone at SQMC for their ongoing support of the Author software.

“Process management is a part of any business, so knowing how work is done and by whom in any set up is important to success.”

SQMC’s Director of Programmes Karen MacKenzie commented, “Peter’s process mapped management system software fits perfectly with the work we do.

“Fitting the ISO standards into existing business structures, and not fitting a business around a standard, has helped define how SQMC teaches these qualifications.

“His quality process map now features in our class hand outs and our quality manual, and I couldn’t manage without it.”