Business Process Management

    Papers to Download

    Some background papers on Business Process Management to help you get started:

    Terminology relating to business processes and management systems is often confusing, not least in international standards such as ISO9000/9001.  See Peter Fraser's 4 modules on key topics in the Chartered Quality Institute's (the CQI's) BODY OF QUALITY KNOWLEDGE:

    Each module is in two parts - Part 1 could be described as the "what" and Part 2 is the "how": Developing Processes, Elements of Corporate Strategy, Management Systems and The Evolution of Quality Thinking Post 1970 (including the development of "systems thinking").

    The modules are:

    DEVELOPING PROCESSES - Part 1 (file size: 163Kb) Developing Processes - Part 2 (file size: 197Kb)

    ELEMENTS OF CORPORATE STRATEGY - Part 1 (file size: 175Kb)  Elements of Corporate Strategy - Part 2 (file size: 227Kb)

    MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - Part 1 (file size: 150Kb)  Management Systems - Part 2 (file size: 209Kb)

    THE EVOLUTION OF QUALITY THINKING POST 1970 - Part 1 (file size: 179Kb)  The Evolution of Quality Thinking Post 1970 - Part 2 (file size: 185Kb)