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Are you a System Designer?

Do you want:

  • A simple index framework to structure your processes into a logical management system?
  • All data held in a single file with common registers for job functions, documents and resources?
  • Software to draw flowcharts for you?
  • Easy-to-generate HTML presentation?
  • Customise the terminology to cater for foreign language and industry-specific terms?

author makes it easy for you to document, communicate and improve how you work. It applies changes with ‘one click’, minimizing time and effort to keep your management system current and compliant. It provides a way to describe processes with the right level of detail.

It ensures a consistent “look and feel” without being a designer and publishes a cohesive, linked system of process descriptions & supporting documents for everyone to access. It builds a structure that helps people see “how it all fits together” in a web interface which can act as a single entry point to the other systems in the organisation.

Do you need:

  • fast development tools
  • fast ways of making changes
  • fast ways of implementing

... without wasting time and money?

See how author can help:

Understand & communicate how work is done. Minimise time & effort to maintain your system. Make your system a business asset!