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Are you an HR Manager?

Do you need to:

  • Understand clearly how your organisation (or department) currently operates?
  • Assess the likely impact of proposed changes to individuals’ roles?
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and reporting structures?
  • Identify new competences and skills required to deliver success?
  • Manage people in line with best practice / legislation?
  • Minimise risks to the business - and its people?

author can help you to clarify the skills and knowledge required for successful performance, identify the internal and external relationships that each job holder has to manage and generate competency-based job descriptions automatically from your process definitions. It enables effective and clear communication of changes to all employees as a pre-requisite to the successful implementation of change through well-defined processes, policies and procedures.

Do you need:

  • fast development tools
  • fast ways of making changes
  • fast ways of implementing

... without wasting time and money?

See how author can help:

Understand & communicate how work is done. Minimise time & effort to maintain your system. Make your system a business asset!