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Prism Energy

Are you a Consultant?

Are performance improvement / business continuity / risk management / competency frameworks important to your clients' business?

Do you:

  • need to comply with external standards such as ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / Sarbanes-Oxley ...?
  • assess training needs?
  • advise on business expansion / mergers and acquisitions / reallocation of staff?

author can help you to define the current situation to give a baseline for change, set out clear recommendations for change and improvement, specify performance standards, business risks, resource requirements.

Do you need:

  • fast development tools
  • fast ways of making changes
  • fast ways of implementing

... without wasting time and money?

See how author can help:

Understand & communicate how work is done. Minimise time & effort to maintain your system. Make your system a business asset!