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Prism Energy

Are you a Compliance Officer?

Do you need to:

  • Get rid of excess narrative and show process flows?
  • Clarify everyone’s roles and responsibilities and encourage team-working?
  • Give people a tool to help them describe “the way they work”?
  • Comply with external standards such as ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / Sarbanes-Oxley ...?

author can help you to meet the requirements in the latest version of ISO9001, EFQM and other external standards. It is based on a simple definition of a “business process” and uses standard (RACI) symbols makes it easy to identify people’s involvement in each task. Sophisticated design of HTML presentation assists understanding of your processes and gives easy access to referenced documents and other sources of information. It focuses on process understanding and management rather than (just) compliance. And auditors like it!

Do you need:

  • fast development tools
  • fast ways of making changes
  • fast ways of implementing

... without wasting time and money?

See how author can help:

Understand & communicate how work is done. Minimise time & effort to maintain your system. Make your system a business asset!